Career counseling2

Career counseling2

Friday, 1 July 2011

Career Counseling - Key To Success

Career – a single word but holds a whole future in everyone’s life. Don’t you think to choose a right career or to decide what is better for you is the most important and significant objective in your life? I am sure enough that your answer will be YES! People must realize that their lives and careers are entirely their own responsibility, and their happiness and fulfillment are solely up to them and nobody else.
The years between twelfth grade and rest of your life are more likely to be critical and if the right decisions are taken then it will lead to a meaningful and successful life ahead.  To be more precise the timeline for career growth is usually starts from birth (people are born with certain characteristics) to age 14 where foundation is being laid; 15 to 24 is exploration period; 25 to 40 is establishment of factual work situations; 65-- maintained attempts to shape up. The career development process begins in childhood; career aspirations are attempts to implement one's self concept; career satisfactions is dependent on the degree to which the career is congruent with self perception; people develop occupational stereotypes that guide them in selection process.
So, to be on a right track and to opt for a better career he/she should be “self-aware”. People make career decisions in relation to their self-conceptions. Therefore it is important to understand oneself and requirements of a particular career. Individuals need to understand their qualities, potentialities, interests, and skills and match these to the particular requirements and demands of different careers.
 Increasing rate of unemployment within well-educated raised the significance and self-awareness of Career Counseling. Not only that there are many people which are dissatisfy with their jobs, thoughts go through their heads like "is it Friday?” or "I have no taste for my job" or they didn’t even want to go to their work. Do you ever experience that? Job satisfaction, stability and success take place when soul interest and competencies are matched with careers that satisfy those competencies and interests.
 Now there comes the role of counselors in this situation and they act as the role models as well as coaches and mentors. Career counselors are the more knowledgeable party and have a true desire to share that knowledge to help others grow and to improve their lives. The relationship is mutually respectful to build empathy. The processes usually counselors use first is exploration of the past and how it impacts on their present. This is fulfilled through story telling which is employed to gain exhaustive understanding about clients’ values. Counselors target ill thoughts processes and faulty notions through discussions and dialogue with clients. Recomposing of faulty notions must be essential to further clarify clients’ valuing process and the kind of life they conceive worth living.
The more work experience people have, the more opportunities they have to make better career decisions. The follow up on knowledge and growth, both in lives and careers, are ongoing processes. There is always room for improvement on many levels including intellectual, emotional, cultural, spiritual, cognitive, behavioral, or basically every possible way people can improve themselves both as individuals and as citizens within the community, as there is always room for growth.

Excellent Tips for Career Planning:

Although the step of Career planning should be first before the education process but it considers the last step. After the completion of education if the career planning is being delayed it will head to fewer job opportunities or chances not only that it will drain off all the college costs.  The money which was invested on education for years could be beside the point for the fluctuating market. In present situation, thousands of people is being pink-slipped from their jobs, and then searching for a new job is not a cinch. Sadly but true there are many fresh graduates are passing out each year but lacking in career planning.
 Yet, thousands of young people graduate college each year lacking in career planning. Possibly a student have an epitome that he/she  should get his/her education  in his/her area of interest and then chose a job in an industry or a company and will be hired for the rest of his/her life. Sadly, but this epitome doesn’t exist in this current economic and political conditions and additionally due to hi-tech realities. Now what should be the new epitome? The person or a student should first decide its career objective then defines the educational track like which major should be taken in college. He/she should join industries related to his/her studies and should develop social networks and contacts. Internship should be done by every student. These kinds of things will develop skills. By applying all these things will help the student to provide a link between his/her education and career.
As we already know we have seen the largest number of unemployment. So, why do parent are paying huge amount of money in their child’s education without a goal in their mind? 
Now it’s about time parents should realize and learn from their experience of finding a better job but with a new approach. The old days are gone when finishing the studies fresh men usually get the job of their choice not only that in previous days the employers used to train their fresh graduates for their jobs.
The next thing is Internships, as it manages to get great access to employment for all students and it also helps to bridge the gap from college to your job of your choice. Now student should be more focused and concentrated regarding their goal and be more strategic. Career Counselor and parents must train the child how to be more tactical so that they can accomplish their career goals.
The better career planning gets rid of disappointment, apprehension and loss of self-content and wasted money in college education.
But for once – Just think over that every significant move that you’ve ever made in your whole life started with a plan. While there are some plans that ever manifest exactly as we’ve visualized, starting with a firm and well considered path forward is the first step toward realization.
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